Re-Elect Tammy T. Beasley

Register of Deeds


When I came into office in 2012 your historical documents dating back to 1728 were falling out of the books and in deplorable condition. These documents are irreplaceable. Several documents were fading because of the ink used back then. Remember, a lot of supplies came in on a ship from other places. Ink at that time was very costly and not of good quality depending on the year. Your records date back prior to United States existence.

There is a preservation fund set by statute, attached below, that insures the preservation of these documents. In 2012, there was over a million dollars in this fund because it had not been used. I have been steadily preserving these documents for future generations as you can see below in the pictures.

The money in the preservation fund can never be used for anything other than protecting and preserving your records and will never go into the county general fund. As you can see in the statute $6.20 of every deed of trust goes into this fund. Example: I’m 58 and have had 3 deeds of trust in my life so the total I have paid into this fund is $18.60.

Please remember these records are irreplaceable! The state of North Carolina realized this many, many years ago and put this statute in place.

Thank you,

Tammy T Beasley,

New Hanover County Registrar of Deeds